Welcome to DIGICO Time and Expense Management System

"Time and Expense Management System", powered by DIGICO. DIGICO's TEMS keeps track of times entries and expenses reports of employees and contractors by projects and accounts, automatically generates invoices with details. You can print weekly time cards and expense reports by employee, project, and account. It allows you to review and approve times & expenses before generating invoices.

Are you upgrading from previous version? To upgrade the existing old database to the current version, click on Database upgrade Upgrade process will not modify your existing database. It will copy the data from the old database to the new database and modify the them as required by this new version. We recommend that you keep your old database and test newer version before using it for your production.

This page can also include important announcements (e.g. company policies) regarding time and expense entries, or anything else that you may wish to communicate to your users. For application issues and advance help: For technical support, please contact DIGICO on support@digico.com.mt